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Email: Chapter 31, Article 2, Section 1

§31-2-1. Railroad companies to be common carriers; general powers.

Every railroad company heretofore incorporated and organized under the laws of this state, or under the laws of any other state, and authorized or licensed to do business in this state, and every such company which hereafter shall be incorporated and organized under the provisions of article one of this chapter, or authorized or licensed to transact business under said article, is a common carrier, and is authorized to acquire, construct, and own, maintain, operate and hold, railway lines, plants and systems, and any and all other suitable facilities for, and to engage in transporting persons and all commodities, objects and things which are subjects of commerce or of transportation by any and all means and methods, which are now used, or which may hereafter be developed, for such purpose.

No such railroad company shall engage in any other business in this state, except as hereinafter authorized.