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Email: Chapter 33, Article 16E, Section 3

§33-16E-3. Applicability.

(a) The provisions of this article apply to individual and group health insurance plans issued by accident and sickness insurers; health maintenance organizations; fraternal benefit societies; hospital service corporations; the West Virginia Public Employees Insurance Agency; health-care service corporations; health service corporations; multiple employee trusts; and multiple employer welfare arrangements. The provisions of this section shall not apply to persons eligible for coverage under Title XIX of the Social Security Act, known as Medicaid (42 U.S.C. §1396a et seq.), or for any other similar coverage under state or federal governmental plans.

(b) The provisions of this article do not apply to:

(1) Any policy of liability insurance or contract supplemental thereto; coverage only for accident or disability income insurance or any combination thereof; automobile medical payment insurance; credit-only insurance; coverage for on-site medical clinics; workers' compensation insurance; or other similar insurance under which benefits for medical care are secondary or incidental to other insurance benefits;

(2) If offered separately, a policy providing benefits for long-term care, nursing home care, home health care, community-based care or any combination thereof, dental or vision benefits, or other similar, limited benefits;

(3) If offered as independent, noncoordinated benefits under separate policies or certificates, specified disease or illness coverage, hospital indemnity or other fixed indemnity insurance, or coverage, such as Medicare supplement insurance, supplemental to a group health plan; or

(4) A policy of accident and sickness insurance covering a period of less than one year.