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Email: Chapter 36, Article 12, Section 9

§36-12-9. Requirements.

A transfer on death deed:

(1) Except as otherwise provided in subdivision (2) of this section, must contain the essential elements and formalities of a properly recordable inter vivos deed;

(2) Must state that the transfer to the designated beneficiary is to occur at the transferor's death; and

(3) Must be recorded before the transferor's death in the office of the clerk of the county commission in the county where the property is located: Provided, That, notwithstanding section two, article twenty-two, chapter eleven of this code, a transfer on death deed is exempt from the payment of excise tax on the privilege of transferring real estate for the reason that no interest in the property is at the time of recording being passed to the beneficiary and the deed remains revocable until the death of the transferor.