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Email: Chapter 37, Article 6, Section 8

§37-6-8. Tenant's right to recover possession.

If the landlord shall have elected to continue to hold the tenant liable upon his lease, as provided in the preceding section, the tenant shall be entitled, upon the payment of all arrears of rent, and the satisfaction of any liabilities which shall have accrued upon the covenants or agreements contained in his lease, and any other liabilities with which he is chargeable by virtue of his lease, to the possession of the premises, except to the extent that some other person is already in possession of the premises, or is entitled to such possession, by virtue of a lease made by the landlord to such other person pursuant to the notice given under the preceding section, before the tenant shall have notified the landlord in writing of his intention to resume possession of the premises, and shall have satisfied, or tendered an amount sufficient to satisfy, his liabilities under his lease as aforesaid. No tenant whose lease has been lawfully forfeited, under the second preceding section, shall be entitled to any right, either at law or in equity, to be relieved of such forfeiture, or to reenter the premises, except as provided in this section.