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§38-1-2. Form of deed of trust; memorandum of deed of trust may be recorded.

A deed of trust to secure debts or indemnify sureties may be in the following form or to the same effect: "This deed made the .......... day of ................, in the year ........, between .............................. (the grantor) of the one part, and .............................. (the trustee) of the other part, witnesseth: That the said ................... (the grantor) doth (or do) grant unto the said ....................... (the trustee) the following property (here describe it). In trust to secure (here describe the debts to be secured or the sureties to be indemnified, and insert covenants, or any other provisions the parties may agree upon). Witness the following signature."

In lieu of the recording of a deed of trust, there may be recorded with like effect a memorandum of the deed of trust, executed by all persons who are grantors under the deed of trust and acknowledged in the manner to entitle a conveyance to be recorded. A memorandum of deed of trust entitled to be recorded shall contain at least the following information with respect to the deed of trust: (1) The name and the address of each grantor, the name and the address of each trustee and the name and the address of each beneficiary as set forth in the deed of trust; (2) a reference to the indebtedness secured by the deed of trust including the amount of the indebtedness and the date the indebtedness was incurred or if the indebtedness is evidenced by a note or contract, the date the instrument was executed; (3) the date of execution of the deed of trust if different than the date the evidence of indebtedness was executed; (4) the date of maturity of the indebtedness; (5) the description of the real estate against which a lien is claimed to secure the indebtedness; (6) a title in compliance with subsection (b), section fourteen, article one, chapter thirty-eight of this code if the indebtedness is a line of credit; (7) a statement of whether advances are obligatory if the indebtedness is a line of credit; (8) provisions of the deed of trust regarding substitution of a trustee; (9) a summary of the applicable notice and publication requirements if there is a default; (10) whether the loan was originated or serviced pursuant to a program of the following agencies or organizations, and if so, any form number actually used: (a) Federal Housing Administration; (b) Veterans Administration; (c) Federal National Mortgage Association; (d) Federal Home Loan Administration; (e) United States Department of Agriculture; or (f) West Virginia Housing Development Fund; and (11) the name of the person from whom, upon written request from any interested party, the original deed of trust, or a copy thereof, may be obtained. The memorandum shall constitute notice of only the information contained therein but, as against creditors and purchasers, it is as valid as if the complete deed of trust were recorded on the date the memorandum is admitted to record. Prior to the commencement of any foreclosure or other execution of the deed of trust, the original deed of trust shall be recorded.