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Email: Chapter 4, Article 1, Section 13

§4-1-13. Clerk of house to be keeper of rolls; compensation; duties as to acts; copies; fees; printing.

The Clerk of the House of Delegates shall be the keeper of the rolls, and for his duties as such he shall receive $300 in addition to his salary as clerk. After a bill or joint resolution has passed both houses, he shall cause the same to be correctly recorded, in a legible manner, in a well-bound book, to be kept for that purpose exclusively, which recording shall be equivalent to enrollment. He shall have the custody of the acts and joint resolutions of the Legislature and shall make a certified copy of them for any person requiring the same. For a copy of an act or joint resolution, he may demand of the person at whose request it was made 50¢, or, at his option, 3¢ for every thirty words contained therein. As soon as possible after the close of each session, he shall prepare a well-arranged index to the acts and joint resolutions passed at such session, and shall furnish to the printer who has the contract for such printing the manuscript of such acts, resolutions and index and all matter directed by law to be printed therewith, properly prepared and arranged for publication, and shall superintend the printing thereof.