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Email: Chapter 4, Article 10, Section 2

§4-10-2. Legislative findings; performance review process authorized.

(a) The Legislature finds that:

(1) State government has created many state agencies without sufficient Legislative Oversight, regulatory accountability or an effective system of checks and balances;

(2) State agencies have been created without demonstrable evidence that their benefits to the public clearly justify their creation;

(3) Once established, state agencies tend to acquire permanent status, often without regard for the condition that gave rise to their establishment;

(4) State agencies have been allowed to establish rules and at times may acquire autonomy and authority inconsistent with principles of accountability;

(5) Employees of state agencies are often beyond the effective control of elected officials and efforts to encourage modernization or to review performance become difficult;

(6) Regulatory boards established pursuant to chapter thirty of this code need periodic review to ascertain the need for their continuation; and

(7) By establishing a process for the objective review of state agencies and regulatory boards, their programs, functions and activities, the Legislature may evaluate the need for their continued existence, consolidation or termination and improve government efficiency, effectiveness and accountability.

(b) The Legislature hereby authorizes a process to review the operation and performance of state agencies and regulatory boards to determine the need for their continued existence, consolidation or termination.