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Email: Chapter 4, Article 1A, Section 7

§4-1A-7. Legislative immunity in specific instances.

The scope of legislative immunity includes, but is not limited to, the following legislative acts:

(1) Introducing and voting for legislation;

(2) Failing or refusing to vote or enact legislation;

(3) Voting to seat or unseat a member;

(4) Voting on the confirmation of an executive appointment;

(5) Making speeches;

(6) Enforcing the rules of the Senate or House of Delegates or the joint rules of the Legislature;

(7) Serving as a member of a committee or subcommittee;

(8) Conducting hearings and developing legislation;

(9) Investigating the conduct of executive agencies;

(10) Publishing and distributing reports;

(11) Composing and sending letters;

(12) Drafting memoranda and documents;

(13) Lobbying other legislators to support or oppose legislation;

(14) Abolishing personnel positions; and

(15) Hiring and firing employees.