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Email: Chapter 4, Article 3, Section 3

§4-3-3. Powers and duties generally; report to Legislature; office.

It shall be the duty of the committee to consider matters referred to it by legislative resolution, and to study and survey matters of government, finance, and claims against the state and to make a report of its studies, findings and such recommendations as it may deem proper and as well all expenditures of said committee to regular annual sessions of the Legislature. The committee is hereby vested with power and authority to employ and supervise the Legislative Auditor, as provided in article two of this chapter; and to employ other technical and clerical personnel as may from time to time be necessary; and to establish a legislative reference library. The committee shall be vested with and authorized to exercise all powers granted such committee by legislative resolution, and the statutes and Constitution of the State of West Virginia. The committee may function and exercise any power granted it either during the interim periods between sessions of the Legislature or while the Legislature is in session. The office of said committee shall be maintained at the state Capitol.