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Email: Chapter 46B, Article 3, Section 9

§46B-3-9. Limitations on charges and fees.

(a) Any consumer seeking to fulfill obligations pursuant to §46B-3-5 of this code may be charged a fee no greater than the retail value divided by the total of payments multiplied by the amount of the periodic payments which have not yet become due.

(b) A dealer may not charge a fee for delivery or pickup unless the charge is provided for in the written agreement, the parties agree that the dealer shall deliver or pick up the goods, and the charge is reasonably related to the costs of delivery.

(c) Any late fee imposed by a dealer may not exceed five percent of the periodic payment or $15, whichever is less. Only one late charge may be imposed for any payment for which a late charge may be charged. Under a rental agreement in which periodic payments are due weekly, a late charge may not be imposed until the payment is three days late. Otherwise, a late charge may not be imposed until the payment is five days late.

(d) The total of payments in a rent-to-own transaction shall not be greater than 240 percent of the retail value.