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Email: Chapter 48, Article 18, Section 103

§48-18-103. Organization and employees.

(a) The Commissioner shall organize the work of the Bureau in such offices or other organizational units as he or she may determine to be necessary for effective and efficient operation.

(b) The Commissioner shall employ a sufficient number of employees in the position of Bureau for Child Support Enforcement attorney so as to provide for the effective and efficient operation of the Bureau for Child Support Enforcement. The Bureau for Child Support Enforcement attorneys shall be distributed geographically as determined by the Commissioner.

(c) The Secretary may transfer employees and resources of the Department to the Bureau for Child Support Enforcement as may be necessary to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of the Bureau under this chapter: Provided, That the Secretary may not transfer employees of other divisions and agencies within the Department to the Bureau for Child Support Enforcement without a prior finding that the office or position held by the employee may be eliminated and until the office or position is, in fact, eliminated.

(d) The Commissioner, if he or she deems such action necessary, may hire legal counsel for the Division, notwithstanding the provisions of section two, article three, chapter five of this code or any other code provision to the contrary, or may request the Attorney General to appoint counsel who shall perform such duties as may be required by the Bureau. The Attorney General, in pursuance of such request, may select and appoint counsel to serve during the will and pleasure of the Attorney General, and shall be paid out of any funds allocated and appropriated to the Child Support Enforcement Fund.

(e) The Commissioner may employ such staff or employees as may be necessary to administer and enforce this chapter.