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Email: Chapter 48, Article 22, Section 603

§48-22-603. Notice to an unknown father.

(a) In the case of an unknown father, the court shall inspect the affidavit submitted pursuant to the provisions of section 22-502, consider any additional evidence that the court, in its discretion, determines should be produced, and determine whether said father can be identified. The inspection and consideration of any additional evidence by the court shall be accomplished as soon as practicable after the filing of the petition, but no later than sixty days before the final hearing on the adoption petition.

(b) If the court identifies a father pursuant to the provisions of subsection (a) of this section, then notice of the proceeding for adoption shall be served on the father so identified in accordance with the provisions of section 22-602.

(c) If after consideration of the affidavit and/or the consideration of further evidence, the court finds that proper service cannot be made upon the father because his identity is unknown, the court shall order publication of the notice only if, on the basis of all information available, the court determines that publication is likely to lead to receipt of notice by the father. If the court determines that publication or posting is not likely to lead to receipt of notice, the court may dispense with the publication or posting of a notice.