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Email: Chapter 5, Article 1, Section 20

§5-1-20. Reports to the Governor; form and contents; transmission to the Legislature; special reports.

(a) The secretaries of the executive department and the officers of all public institutions of the state shall make an annual report to the Governor as soon as possible after the close of each fiscal year, notwithstanding any other provision of law to the contrary.

(b) All state officers, boards, commissions, departments and institutions required by law to make reports to the Governor, the Legislature or any administrative board or state official shall cover fiscal year periods.

(c) Annual reports shall be submitted in typewritten form, any legible form produced by mechanical means, on electronic media, to be filed in the same manner as a printed annual report, or transmitted electronically via the Internet. Any annual report filed in an electronic format shall be considered as having satisfied the filing requirements.

(d) The Governor shall by executive order prescribe the general contents of the reports to be submitted to him or her. The form and format of the reports shall be as prescribed in this code.

(e) The Governor shall transmit, and may do so electronically, copies of the report to the Legislature and provide a copy of all such reports with the Division of Archives and History where the reports shall be kept as permanent records.

(f) All annual reports to the Legislature shall be submitted, and may do so electronically, to the Legislative Librarian.

(g) The Governor may at any time require information in writing, under oath, from any officer, board, department or commission of the executive department or the principal officer or manager of any state institution, upon any subject relating to the condition, management and expense of their respective offices or institutions.