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Email: Chapter 5, Article 11, Section 18

§5-11-18. Injunctions in certain housing complaints.

When it appears that a housing unit or units described in a complaint may be sold, rented or otherwise disposed of before a determination of the complaint or case has been made by the commission or during judicial review of any final order of the commission, the circuit court of the county in which such housing unit or units are located may, upon the joint petition of the commission and the complainant, or if there be more than one complainant, all such complainants, issue a prohibitive injunction restraining the sale, rental or other disposition of such housing unit or units except in compliance with the order of the court. No such injunction shall be issued by the court until the complainant or complainants shall have posted bond, with good security therefor, in such penalty as the court or judge awarding it may direct. The court may include in any such injunction granted such other conditions as it deems proper and just. Such injunction, if granted, shall be of no more than thirty days duration. If at the end of such thirty day period the commission notifies the court that additional time is needed for the disposal or determination of the complaint or case or the conclusion of such judicial review, the court, for good cause shown, may extend the period of the injunction for such additional time as the court deems proper. No such extension shall be granted except upon the continuation or reposting of the bond required for the original injunction and any such extension of the injunction may be granted upon such additional terms and conditions as to the court seem proper and just.