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Email: Chapter 5, Article 11, Section 6

§5-11-6. Commission organization and personnel; executive director; offices; meetings; quorum; expenses of personnel.

As soon as practical after July 1, of each year, the Governor shall call a meeting of the commission to be convened at the state Capitol. The commission shall at such meeting organize by electing one of its members as chairperson of the commission and one as vice chairperson thereof for a term of one year or until their successors are elected and qualified. At such meeting the commission shall also elect from its membership such other officers as may be found necessary and proper for its effective organization.

The Governor shall, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, appoint an executive director to serve at his or her will and pleasure. The executive director shall serve as secretary of the commission. The executive director shall have a college degree. He or she shall be selected with particular reference to his or her training, experience and qualifications for the position and shall be paid an annual salary, payable in monthly installments, from any appropriations made therefor. The commission, upon recommendation of the executive director and in accordance with the requirements of the civil service law, may employ such personnel as may be necessary for the effective and orderly performance of the functions and services of the commission. The commission shall employ an administrative law judge who shall be an attorney, duly licensed to practice law in the State of West Virginia, for the conduct of the public hearings authorized in subdivision (3), subsection (d), section eight of this article.

The commission shall equip and maintain its offices at the state Capitol and shall hold its annual organizational meeting there. The commission may hold other meetings during the year at such times and places within the state as may be found necessary and may maintain one branch office within the state as determined by the commission to be necessary for the effective and orderly performance of the functions and services of the commission. Any five members of the commission shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. Minutes of its meetings shall be kept by its secretary.

The executive director and other commission personnel shall be reimbursed for necessary and reasonable travel and subsistence expenses actually incurred in the performance of commission services upon presentation of properly verified expense accounts as prescribed by law.