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Email: Chapter 5, Article 14A, Section 4

§5-14A-4. Arrests -- Appointment of an interpreter.

(a) In the event a person who is deaf is arrested and taken into custody for any alleged violation of a criminal law of this state, the arresting officer or his or her superiors shall procure a qualified interpreter in order to interrogate properly such deaf person and to interpret such person's statements. No statement taken from the deaf person before an interpreter is present may be admissible in court.

(b) An oral interpreter shall be provided upon the request of a deaf person entitled to an interpreter under this article, but who does not communicate in sign language. The right of a deaf person to an interpreter may not be waived except by a deaf person who does not use sign language and who initiates the request for waiver in writing. The waiver is subject to approval of legal counsel for the deaf person, if any, and is subject to approval of the appointing authority.