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Email: Chapter 5, Article 16, Section 15

§5-16-15. Optional dental, optical, disability, and prepaid retirement plan, and audiology and hearing-aid service plan.

(a) The director shall make available to participants in the public employees insurance system:

(1) A dental insurance plan;

(2) An optical insurance plan;

(3) A disability insurance plan;

(4) A prepaid retirement insurance plan; and

(5) An audiology and hearing-aid services insurance plan.

(b) Public employees insurance participants may elect to participate in any one of these plans separately or in combination. All actuarial and administrative costs of each plan shall be totally borne by the premium payments of the participants or local governing bodies electing to participate in that plan. The director is authorized to employ such administrative practices and procedures with respect to these optional plans as are authorized for the administration of other plans under this article. The director shall establish separate funds for each of the above listed plans. The funds shall not be supplemented by nor be used to supplement any other funds.