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Email: Chapter 5, Article 16C, Section 9

§5-16C-9. Innovative strategies.

(a) The director may explore innovative strategies by which West Virginia may manage the increasing costs of prescription drugs and increase access to prescription drugs for all of the state's citizens, including:

(1) Enacting fair prescription drug pricing policies;

(2) Providing for discount prices or rebate programs for seniors and persons without prescription drug insurance;

(3) Coordinating programs offered by pharmaceutical manufacturers that provide prescription drugs for free or at reduced prices;

(4) Requiring prescription drug manufacturers to disclose to the state expenditures for advertising, marketing and promotion, as well as for provider incentives and research and development efforts;

(5) Establishing counter-detailing programs aimed at educating health care practitioners authorized to prescribe prescription drugs about the relative costs and benefits of various prescription drugs, with an emphasis on generic substitution for brand name drugs when available and appropriate; prescribing older, less costly drugs instead of newer, more expensive drugs, when appropriate; and prescribing lower dosages of prescription drugs, when available and appropriate;

(6) Establishing disease state management programs aimed at enhancing the effectiveness of treating certain diseases identified as prevalent among this state's population with prescription drugs;

(7) Studying the feasibility and appropriateness of executing prescription drug purchasing agreements with large private sector purchasers of prescription drugs and including those private entities in pharmacy benefit management contracts;

(8) Studying the feasibility and appropriateness of authorizing the establishment of voluntary private buying clubs, cooperatives or purchasing alliances comprised of small businesses and or individuals for the purpose of purchasing prescription drugs at optimal prices; and

(9) Other strategies, as permitted under state and federal law, aimed at managing escalating prescription drug prices and increasing affordable access to prescription drugs for all West Virginia citizens.

(b) The director shall report to the Joint Committee on Government and Finance on a multiannual basis regarding activities and recommendations relating to the mandates of this section.