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Email: Chapter 5, Article 1D, Section 5

§5-1D-5. Powers and duties of the office to executive agencies.

With respect to executive agencies, the office of fiscal risk analysis and management:

(1) Shall develop a unified and integrated structure of fiscal risk management for all state executive agencies that must be completed by July 1, 2002;

(2) May establish, based on need and opportunity, priorities and time lines for addressing the fiscal risk analysis requirements of the various executive agencies of state government;

(3) Shall exercise such authority inherent to the chief executive of the state as the Governor may, by executive order, delegate, to overrule and supersede decisions made by the administrators of the various executive agencies of government with respect to fiscal risk analysis and management decisions and the acquisition of fiscal risk management services, including, but not limited to, management consulting contracts and contracts for actuarial and related services: Provided, That the provisions of this subdivision do not exempt the various executive agencies from complying with the provision of this code regarding audits and actuarial studies.

(4) Shall consult and work closely with staff of other executive agencies for advice and assistance in the formulation and implementation of administrative and operational plans and policies.