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Email: Chapter 5, Article 1D, Section 8

§5-1D-8. Notice of request for proposals by state spending units exempted from submitting purchases to the state Purchasing Division.

(a) Any state spending unit that is not required to submit a request for proposal to the state Purchasing Division prior to purchasing goods or services shall notify the chief risk officer, in writing, of any proposed purchase of goods or services related to fiscal risk analysis and management, including, but not limited to, management consulting, actuarial or other contracts that involved the management or fiscal risk evaluation of the spending unit with potential fiscal impact of an amount of at least $1 million. The notice shall contain a detailed description of the goods and services to be purchased. The state spending unit shall provide the notice to the chief risk officer a minimum of ten days prior to the time it requests bids on the provision of the goods or services.

(b) If the chief risk officer evaluates the suitability of the related services under the provisions of subsection (3), section four of this article and determines that the goods or services to be purchased or the price requested for the same are not suitable, he or she shall, within ten days of receiving the notice from the state spending unit, notify the state spending unit, in writing, of any recommendations he or she has regarding the proposed purchase of the goods or services. If the state spending unit receives a written notice from the chief risk officer within the time period required by this section, the state spending unit shall not put the goods or services out for bid less than fifteen days following receipt of the notice from the chief fiscal management officer.