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Email: Chapter 5, Article 1E, Section 4

§5-1E-4. Partnership to encourage healthy lifestyles by children and families.

(a) The West Virginia Healthy Lifestyles Program will develop a statewide voluntary private sector partnership program to work with businesses throughout the state that encourage and promote healthy lifestyles among their employees and communities.

(b) Beginning July 1, 2005, those businesses voluntarily choosing to participate in the Healthy Lifestyles Program shall submit their own detailed programs to the Office of Healthy Lifestyles for review. The programs should be creative and unique, highlighting the efforts of the business to promote healthy lifestyles to West Virginians through sensible diet and physical fitness.

(c) The West Virginia Healthy Lifestyles program will develop a recognition program for private sector enterprises that develop or advance programs that address the problems affecting overweight and obese individuals and that promote a healthy lifestyle.

(d) Any business program promoting healthy lifestyles that is recognized by the Office of Healthy Lifestyles will be issued a universally recognized logo, suitable for public display by the business.

(e) Marketing of programs recognized by the Office of Healthy Lifestyles shall take place through all state agencies. The West Virginia Public Employees Insurance Agency, the Bureau for Medical Services and the West Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission shall aggressively market this program to their members for the purposes of health promotion among their members.

(f) The Office of Healthy Lifestyles shall market recognized programs to other businesses, as models, to help create additional programs promoting healthy lifestyles.

(g) The Office of Healthy Lifestyles shall report annually by December 1, to the Legislative Oversight Commission on Health and Human Resources Accountability: (1) The number of participants; (2) the impact on businesses as established by a survey of participating businesses; and (3) the results of consumer satisfaction surveys all designed by the Office of Healthy Lifestyles.