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Email: Chapter 5, Article 22A, Section 12

§5-22A-12. Acceptance of design-build proposal.

(a) The design-builder shall submit the proposal to the agency as required in the invitation for proposals. Clarifications may be required to ensure conformance of proposals with the performance criteria. In seeking clarifications, the performance criteria developer may not reveal any aspect of any proposal to any other design-builder. The performance criteria developer must certify that the proposal complies with the performance criteria.

(b) In the event the agency receives fewer than three proposals, the board shall, in consultation with the Secretary of the Department of Administration, determine whether the agency may proceed or shall start the invitations for qualifications process over.

(c) After receiving the proposals, the technical review committee shall evaluate and score the technical submissions based upon the criteria and procedures set forth in the invitation for proposals.

(d) The agency shall submit the technical submissions, including the scores of the technical submissions, to the board. The agency shall make the scores of the technical submissions available for public review.

(e) The Board shall ascertain that the technical submissions comply with the requirements of this article and shall notify the agency of its approval. The agency shall open the cost submissions and accept the proposal that receives the best score, as set forth in the legislative rules promulgated pursuant to section six of this article.

(f) The agency shall notify the design-builder in writing that its proposal was accepted. At the same time notice of acceptance is delivered, the agency shall also inform, in writing, the design-builders whose proposals were not accepted. When a design-builder receives notification that its proposal was not accepted, the design-builder may, within three days after receipt of such notification, request in writing a copy of the scores and all other factors used or considered in the selection process.