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Email: Chapter 5, Article 22A, Section 9A

§5-22A-9a. Invitation for qualifications; selection of design-builders.

(a) The agency shall publish an invitation for qualifications which provides, at a minimum:

(1) A descriptive narrative of the type, scope and size of the proposed work;

(2) The evaluation criteria for selecting the three to five qualified design-builders; and

(3) A request for descriptive information or data supporting a design-builder's claim to be able to perform the work, including, but not limited to:

(A) Licensing, insurance and evidence of good standing with the State of West Virginia and the agency;

(B) Bonding ability;

(C) Experience and technical expertise;

(D) History of past performance;

(E) Qualifications, experience and licenses of key management and professional staff including contractors, architects and engineers;

(F) Staffing capabilities;

(G) Current workload;

(H) Quality control and quality assurance policies and programs; and

(I) Safety record, including employee modification rating for the past three years.

(b) The agency shall review the statements of qualifications and select not fewer than three nor more than five of the most qualified design-builders to participate in the invitation for proposals. If fewer than three design-builders are determined to be qualified, the agency shall seek approval of the Design-Build Board to continue with the selection process.

(c) The agency shall make the results of the selection available to the design-builders within ten working days of the selection.