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§5-24-5. Appalachian hardwood research center; creation; duties; responsibilities.

The appalachian hardwood research center is hereby created, in association with, and the director shall be a member of the faculty of, the forestry school at West Virginia University. The center shall utilize, to the extent possible, the programs already created under the vandalia partnership program as provided for in chapter five-b, article two-a, section four, et seq., of this code.

The appalachian hardwood research center at West Virginia University is directed to establish priorities and coordinate its research functions with the Governor and the Legislature. The center shall: (1) Develop and maintain a computerized inventory of all possible scientific information relating to appalachian hardwood tree species, silviculture, management, products and product development; (2) initiate research projects, including applied research, either originally or by request, designed to aid forestry economic development efforts in West Virginia, including the development of new products as well as other projects designed to increase the utility of low grade appalachian hardwoods; and (3) be generally responsible for encouraging the development of research needed by the forest industry of the state.