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Email: Chapter 5, Article 28, Section 1

§5-28-1. Legislative findings.

The Legislature finds and declares:

(1) That the holocaust perpetrated by the Nazis during the period between one thousand nine hundred thirty-three and one thousand nine hundred forty-five resulted in the genocide of six million Jews and millions of nonJews as part of a carefully orchestrated central government program;

(2) That the holocaust stands as a grim reminder and warning to all generations of genocidal crimes and atrocities committed by man based on ignorance and fear and that all people should rededicate themselves to the principles of human rights and equal protection under the laws of a democratic society;

(3) That education can ensure that citizens are knowledgeable about the events leading up to the holocaust and about the organizations and facilities that were created and used purposefully for the systematic destruction of human beings and that the lessons of holistic trust and respect for peoples of various cultures are important for the citizens of West Virginia as they enter the global marketplace and economy;

(4) That programs, workshops, institutes, seminars, exhibits and other teacher training and public awareness activities for the study of the holocaust have taken place during recent years, but a central resource for schools, churches and communities studying the holocaust is needed;

(5) That, toward that end, the Governor, by executive order No. 2-98, dated April 16, one thousand nine hundred ninety-eight, created and established the West Virginia holocaust commission on education; and

(6) That, in furtherance of the intent and purposes of the aforesaid executive order, it is the intent of the Legislature to create a permanent state commission which, as an organized body and on a continuous basis, will survey, design, encourage and promote implementation of holocaust education and awareness programs in West Virginia and will be responsible for organizing and promoting the memorialization of the holocaust on a regular basis throughout the state.