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Email: Chapter 5, Article 28, Section 3

§5-28-3. Commission powers and duties.

(a) The commission shall:

(1) Provide, based upon the collective knowledge and experience of its members, assistance and advice to public and private schools, colleges and universities with respect to the implementation of holocaust education and awareness programs;

(2) Meet with appropriate education officials and other interested public and private organizations, including service organizations, for the purpose of providing information, planning, coordination or modification of courses of study or programs dealing with the subject of the holocaust;

(3) Compile a roster of individual volunteers who are willing to share their verifiable knowledge and experiences in classrooms, seminars and workshops on the subject of the holocaust. The volunteers may be survivors of the holocaust, liberators of concentration camps, scholars, members of the clergy, community relations professionals or other persons who, by virtue of their experience, education or interest, have experience with the holocaust;

(4) Coordinate events memorializing the holocaust and seek volunteers who are willing and able to participate in commemorative events that will enhance public awareness of the significance of the holocaust; and

(5) Prepare annual reports for the Governor and the Legislature regarding its findings and recommendations to facilitate the inclusion of holocaust studies and special programs memorializing the holocaust in educational systems in this state.

(b) The commission may accept and use for the benefit of the people of West Virginia any gift or devise of any property or thing which is lawfully given and is authorized to accept state funds as the same may be appropriated by the Legislature.