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§5-5-4. Department of Health and Human Resources salary adjustment.

The Legislature hereby directs that an across-the-board salary adjustment be provided for employees of the various bureaus and offices of the Department of Health and Human Resources. This salary adjustment shall be provided from the funding appropriated to the department in the fiscal year 2019 and may not be construed to require additional appropriations from the Legislature. This adjustment is separate from and in addition to any other salary adjustment approved during the 2018 regular session of the Legislature relative to the 2019 budget. In the event any provision of this section conflicts with any rule, policy, or provision of this code, the provisions of this section control. In determining the salary adjustments, the department may give additional consideration to specific job classifications including, but not limited, to child protective services, as may be determined relevant by the secretary. Due to the limits of funding, the results of the salary adjustments shall not be subject to the provisions of §6C-2-1 et seq. of this code. It is the specific intent of the Legislature that no private cause of action, either express or implied, shall arise pursuant to the provisions or implementation of this section.