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§5-5-5. Pay equity adjustment.

The Legislature hereby directs that a gender-based pay equity salary adjustment be provided to public employees as determined by the Secretary of the Department of Administration, based on recommendations of the equal pay commission, within the limitations provided by this section. This salary adjustment shall be provided from the funding appropriated to the Department of Administration, office of the secretary, for purposes of a "pay equity reserve" in the fiscal year 2002 and may not be construed to require additional appropriations from the Legislature. If any provision of this section conflicts with any rule, policy or provision of this code, the provisions of this section control. Because the provisions of this section are rehabilitative in nature, the results of the pay equity salary adjustments are not subject to the provisions of article two, chapter six-c of this code. Further, it is the specific intent of the Legislature that no private cause of action, either express or implied, is created by or otherwise arises from the enactment, provisions or implementation of this section.