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Email: Chapter 5, Article 6, Section 3

§5-6-3. Definitions.

The following terms, wherever used or referred to in this article, shall have the following meanings, unless a different meaning clearly appears from the context:

(1) "Commission" means the state building commission of West Virginia or, if said commission shall be abolished, any board or officer succeeding to the principal functions thereof, or to whom the powers given to said commission shall be given by law;

(2) "Bonds" means bonds issued by the commission pursuant to this article;

(3) "Project" means collectively the acquisition of land, the construction, equipping, maintaining and furnishing of a building or buildings, together with incidental approaches, structures and facilities, herein authorized to be constructed;

(4) "Cost of project" includes the cost of construction, the cost of equipping and furnishing same, the cost of all land, property, material and labor which are deemed essential thereto, the cost of improvements, financing charges, interest during construction, and all other expenses, including legal fees, trustees', engineers' and architects' fees which are necessarily or properly incidental to the project;

(5) "General tax revenues of the state" means revenues of the state derived from the exercise of the power of taxation and available for appropriation by the Legislature for general public purposes and shall not include revenues of the state, or of any officer, department or agency thereof, derived from taxes levied, collected and dedicated for a special purpose or purposes or derived from sources other than taxes such as profits, fees or charges; and

(6) "Rent" or "rental" includes all moneys received for the use of any part of a project either from the State of West Virginia or any officer, department or public corporation thereof, or from any instrumentality or political subdivision of the state, or directly or indirectly, from the United States of America or any officer, department, agency, instrumentality or public corporation thereof: Provided, That nothing in this article shall be taken to authorize the payment by or on behalf of the state of any rent in excess of the fair rental value of property used by or for such state officer or department or public corporation in the exercise of his or its statutory duties.