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Email: Chapter 56, Article 7, Section 2

§56-7-2. Order of reference before case on docket.

The judge of any court having jurisdiction to try or hear chancery causes may, in vacation or in term time, though the cause be not upon the court docket, make an order in any cause pending in his court at any time after process has been duly served on the defendants or such of them as may appear to be interested in the subject matter upon which the commissioner is to report, or at any time after such defendants have entered their appearance in such cause, referring the same to a commissioner for the purpose of stating any proper account or reporting upon any matter as to which it is proper there should be a commissioner's report in such cause. But no such order of reference shall be made in any cause until reasonable notice in writing has been served upon the opposite party, or his attorney, of the time and place of making application therefor.