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Email: Chapter 56, Article 7, Section 7

§56-7-7. Adjournment of hearing; notice of completion of report; exceptions.

A commissioner in chancery may adjourn his proceedings from time to time after the day to which notice was given, without any new notice, until his report is completed; and when it is completed, he shall give notice of the fact to all attorneys who appear of record in the cause; and thereafter, unless otherwise ordered by the court or agreed by the parties, he shall retain the report and the evidence ten days for the examination of parties interested. Such notice may be given either verbally or in writing, and may be given by depositing the same in due course of mail, properly addressed; and the commissioner shall certify in his report the time and manner of giving such notice. Any party may inspect the report and evidence and file exceptions thereto before such commissioner, or at the term of the court to which it is returned, or, by leave of the court, after such term. In an exception it shall be sufficient to state the item or part of the report to which objection is made, but the court may, if good cause therefor appear, require the exception to be made more specific, or the grounds therefor to be stated therein, and may overrule such exception if the requirement be not complied with.