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Email: Chapter 57, Article 5, Section 1

§57-5-1. Summons for witnesses.

A summons may be issued, directed as described in section five, article three, chapter fifty-six of this code, commanding the officer to summon any person to attend on the day and at the place that such attendance is desired, to give evidence before a court, grand jury, arbitrators, umpire, justice, surveyor, notary public, or any commissioner appointed by a court. The summons may be issued, if the attendance be desired at a court, by the clerk thereof; if before a grand jury, by the prosecuting attorney or the clerk of the court, at the instance of the prosecuting attorney; and in other cases, by any person before whom, or the clerk of the circuit court of a county in which, the attendance is desired; or, if attendance be desired before a justice, by such or any other justice. The summons shall express on whose behalf, and in what case, or about what matter, the witness is to attend. This section shall be deemed to authorize a summons to compel attendance before commissioners or other persons appointed by authority of another state, but only in case they be citizens of this state, and the summons requires the attendance of a witness at a place not out of his county.