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Email: Chapter 5A, Article 11, Section 2

§5A-11-2. Corporation boards of directors, members, expenses, appointment, terms, qualifications; director as board chairman; meetings, quorum; executive secretary, secretary to board; professional and support staff; execution of legal documents, permits and licenses.

(a) The Public Land Corporation is governed by a board of directors comprised of six members of which four shall be ex officio and two shall be appointed by the Governor. The members of the board shall receive no compensation for their service thereon. The board members who are not ex officio shall be reimbursed by the Secretary of the Department of Administration for their actual and necessary expenses incurred pursuant to their duties under this article from funds authorized for such purposes.

(b) The following serve as ex officio members of the board:

(1) The Executive Director of the Real Estate Division or a designee, who shall serve as chair;

(2) The Director of the Division of Natural Resources or a designee;

(3) The Commissioner of the Department of Culture and History or a designee; and

(4) The Secretary of the Department of Administration, or a designee.

(c) The Governor shall appoint, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, two members with a demonstrated interest and knowledge in the conservation and protection of the aesthetic, biological, geological, historical, archeological, cultural or recreational values of the public lands of the state. The terms are for four years and no member may serve more than two consecutive terms. The members on the board as of January 1, 2007, shall continue to serve until their term has expired and may be reappointed.

(d) A majority of the board constitutes a quorum for the transaction of business. The board shall meet at such times and places as it may determine and shall meet on call of the chair. It shall be the duty of the chair to call a meeting of the board on the written request of any three members.

(e) The Executive Director of the Real Estate Division shall appoint and supervise an Executive Secretary of the Public Land Corporation, and may employ other necessary professional and support staff for the purposes of this article, who shall be employees of the Department of Administration with merit system status.

(f) An affirmative vote of a majority of the members of the corporation is required for any action of the corporation with respect to the sale or exchange of public lands or for the issuance of a lease or contract for the development of minerals, oil or gas. All actions must be taken at a scheduled meeting of the corporation held in compliance with the provisions of article nine-a, chapter six of this code.

(g) The powers and duties of the corporation are nondelegable, except that the executive secretary may negotiate and enter into preliminary agreements on behalf of the corporation, and shall, upon authorization of the corporation, be entitled to engage in valid actions of the corporation in respect of day-to-day administrative activities. An agreement entered into by the executive secretary on behalf of the corporation is not valid until such agreement is approved by an affirmative vote of a majority of the corporation.