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§5A-12-9. Utilization of Vehicle Management Services; exemption.

(a) Each spending unit that owns, uses, or maintains a state vehicle shall utilize the vehicle management services provided by the Fleet Management Division for all state vehicles.

(b) Spending units may request an exemption from part or all of the services provided by the Fleet Management Division. The division shall review each request and may recommend approval of the request by the secretary. The division shall submit a legislative rule identifying each spending unit for which an exemption has been approved, which rule shall further state the nature of the proposed exemption, and which services will be used, as well as the manner in which the spending unit will comply with all other requirements of this article, including the requirements to report certain information to the division: Provided, That no request for exemption pursuant to this section shall become effective without the enactment of a legislative rule pursuant to the provisions of §29A-3-1 et seq. of this code.