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Email: Chapter 5A, Article 1A, Section 4

§5A-1A-4. Awards.

(a) The maximum cash award approved is limited to twenty percent of the first year's estimated savings, as established by the head of the affected spending unit, or $16,000, whichever is less. A cash award approved by the board shall be charged by the head of the affected spending unit against the appropriation item or items to which the estimated savings apply.

(b) Commencing December 2015, and every five years thereafter, the board shall submit a report to the Joint Committee on Government and Finance, including:

(1) Recommendations for the maximum award amount adjusted for inflation; and

(2) Any other information concerning the maximum award amount.

(c) After the board has made an award, the Governor may make one secondary award of up to twenty percent of the additional savings realized by implementing the suggestion in other state agencies, not to exceed $5,000. The Governor shall pay the secondary awards from funds appropriated by the Legislature for secondary awards.