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§5A-2B-1. Shared Services Section created; purpose; deputy director.

(a) There is hereby created within the Finance Division the Shared Services Section for the purpose of establishing centralized accounting and financial reporting services for state spending units.

(b) The Shared Services Section shall be under the supervision of a deputy director, who shall be appointed by the Secretary of the Department of Administration and who shall, at a minimum, have:

(1) A bachelor’s degree from an accredited four-year college or university;

(2) Six years of full-time experience in finance or accounting, with two years of experience as an administrator or supervisor; and

(3) Knowledge of generally accepted accounting principles and budgeting.

(c) The Shared Services Section is authorized to employ necessary personnel, including, but not limited to, accountants, auditors, and procurement officers, to discharge the duties of this article.

(d) The Shared Services Section shall provide, at a minimum, accounting, financial reporting, and budgeting services to spending units who enter into agreements pursuant to §5A-2B-3 of this code. The deputy director may charge a reasonable fee to spending units for the accounting and financial reporting services provided to agencies.