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Email: Chapter 5A, Article 3, Section 16

§5A-3-16. Special fund; purposes; how composed.

There is hereby created a special revenue fund to be administered by the director to facilitate the following functions of the director:

(1) Purchase commodities in volume and maintain stocks to supply the needs of state spending units; and

(2) Performance of mimeographing, photostating, microfilming, multilithing, multigraphing and other work needed by spending units as provided by section twenty-seven of this article.

The amount of the fund may be fixed and changed by the Governor upon the recommendation of the secretary. If at the end of each fiscal year the cash balance plus value of commodity inventories on hand exceeds the amount so fixed, the excess in cash shall be transferred by the Governor upon recommendation of the secretary to the General Revenue Fund and become a part of the general revenue of the state. The fund shall be composed of the following:

(1) The cash balance and inventories of the fund heretofore established by this section; and

(2) Charges made by the director for commodities sold and services rendered to the state spending units as herein described: Provided, That charges shall not exceed total cost to the fund, which total cost shall include storage, supplies, equipment and salaries and wages of employees necessary to supply commodities and services in addition to purchase price of commodities.