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Email: Chapter 5A, Article 3, Section 33E

§5A-3-33e. Debarment procedure.

(a) The director shall obtain lists of vendors declared ineligible under federal laws and regulation and lists of vendors who are in default on state obligations, and shall initiate debarment proceedings with respect to such vendors, except when good cause is shown which includes evidence that the vendor has become responsible.

(1) In the case of federal ineligibility restrictions applicable to state agencies, the director shall also notify the appropriate agencies of any ineligibility determined under federal authority.

(2) The director may also initiate debarment proceedings if he or she finds probable cause for debarment for any ground set forth in section thirty-three-d of this article.

(3) The director shall initiate debarment proceedings when any state agency requests debarment of a vendor and the director finds that probable cause for debarment exists.

(b) The director shall notify the vendor by certified mail, return receipt requested, of the following:

(1) The reasons for the proposed debarment in sufficient detail to put the vendor on notice of the conduct or transactions upon which the proposed debarment is based;

(2) The causes relied upon for the proposed debarment;

(3) That within thirty working days after receipt of the notice, the vendor may submit in writing information and argument in opposition to the proposed debarment;

(4) The procedures governing debarment decision-making; and

(5) The potential effect of the proposed debarment.

(c) In the event a vendor wishes to contest the debarment decision, the director shall decide the matter in accordance with the provisions of article five, chapter twenty-nine-a of this code.

(d) In any debarment decision, the director shall make a specific finding, based on the substantial record, whether the public interest requires that the debarment decision extend to all commodities and services of the vendor, or whether the public interest allows the debarment decision to be limited to specific commodities or services.

(e) In any debarment decision, the director shall specify the length of the debarment period. The debarment period must be for the period of time that the director finds necessary and proper to protect the public from an irresponsible vendor.

(f) Proof of grounds for debarment must be clear and convincing.