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§5A-5-1. Committee continued; appointment, terms, etc., of members; meetings and responsibilities; annual report.

There is hereby continued the Governor's mansion advisory committee within the Department of Administration. The secretary of administration or his designated representative, the commissioner of culture and history or his designated representative, and the spouse of any Governor during the term of office of that Governor, or the designated representative of such Governor, shall be ex officio members of the committee. In addition, the Governor shall appoint four additional members of the committee, one to be a curator in the field of fine arts, one to be an interior decorator who is a member of the American institute of decorators, one to be a building contractor, and one member to represent the interest of the general public. The appointive members of the committee shall serve for a term of four years. The members of the committee shall serve without compensation but shall be reimbursed for reasonable and necessary expenses actually incurred in the performance of their duties; except that in the event the expenses are paid, or are to be paid, by a third party, the member shall not be reimbursed by the state. The Governor shall designate from the committee a chairman to serve for a term of one year. The secretary of administration shall serve as secretary. The committee shall meet upon the call of the chairman annually and may meet at such other times as may be necessary for the performance of its functions.

The committee shall be charged with the following responsibilities:

(1) To make recommendations to the Governor for the maintaining, preserving and replenishing of all articles of furniture, fixtures, decorative objects, linens, silver, china, crystal and objects of art used or displayed in the state rooms of the Governor's mansion, which state rooms shall consist of the front hall, the reception room, the ballroom and its sitting room, the state dining room, the front upstairs hall and the music room;

(2) To make recommendations to the Governor as to the decor and arrangements best suited to enhance the historic and artistic values of the mansion in keeping with the architecture thereof and of such articles of furniture, fixtures, decorative objects, linens, silver, china, crystal and objects of art, which recommendations shall be considered by the Governor in decorating said mansion; and

(3) To invite interested persons to attend its meetings or otherwise to assist in carrying out its functions.

All departments, boards, agencies, commissions, officials and employees of the state are hereby authorized to cooperate with and assist the committee in the performance of its functions and duties whenever possible. As soon after the close of each fiscal year as possible, the committee shall make an annual report to the Governor and the Legislature with respect to its activities and responsibilities.