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Email: Chapter 5A, Article 6, Section 4C

§5A-6-4c. Technology project proposals and the establishment of steering committees.

(a) Prior to proceeding with a technology project, a state agency shall submit a project proposal to the Project Management Office, outlining the business case, the proposed technology solution, if known, and an explanation of how the project will support the agency’s business objective and the state’s strategic plan for information technology. The Project Management Office may require the submission of additional information as needed to adequately review any proposal.

(b) The Project Management Office shall make recommendations on proposed projects to the Chief Information Officer for final disposition: Provided, That the Chief Information Officer may delegate approval authority.

(c) If the Chief Information Officer deems necessary, a steering committee may be appointed to:

(1) Provide ongoing oversight for the technology project;

(2) Have the authority to approve or reject any changes to the project’s scope, schedule, or budget;

(3) Develop any necessary solicitation for the technology project; and

(4) Finalize data necessary for inclusion of the project in the technology portfolio.