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§5B-2-20. West Virginia Uncrewed Aircraft Systems Advisory Council.

(a) The West Virginia Uncrewed Aircraft Systems Advisory Council is hereby created within the Department of Economic Development.

(b) The council consists of the following nine members, including the chairperson:

(1) The Secretary of the Department of Economic Development or his or her designee, ex officio, who shall serve as the chair of the council, and who shall vote when necessary in the event the appointed members of the council become deadlocked;

(2) The following eight members shall be appointed by the Governor and serve at his or her will and pleasure:

(A) One member representing the Secretary of the Department of Transportation;

(B) One member from the Adjutant General’s Department;

(C) One member representing the uncrewed aircraft system industry with at least five years of experience operating an uncrewed aircraft;

(D) One member representing a national association of the uncrewed aerial vehicle industry;

(E) One member with experience managing a commercial services airport;

(F) One member representing business and industry, generally;

(G) One member representing academia; and

(H) One member representing the advanced air mobility industry developing human transit capabilities.

(3) Members of the council will receive no compensation but are entitled to reimbursement for mileage expenses while attending meetings of the committee to the extent that funds are available through the Department of Economic Development.

(c) The council shall:

(1) Identify trends and technologies driving innovation in uncrewed aircraft systems;

(2) Develop comprehensive strategies, including, but not limited to, the promotion of research and development, education, economic growth, and jobs in the uncrewed aircraft system industry in West Virginia; public acceptance of the uncrewed aircraft system industry; business planning; air vehicle technology and manufacturing; and airspace management and national airspace system integration; and

(3) Develop recommended legislation addressing specific issues and in furtherance of the comprehensive strategies identified in subdivision (2), subsection (c) of this section.

(d) The council shall meet at least annually and may convene public meetings to gather information or receive public comments.

(e) The council shall report on the status of its duties, goals, accomplishments, and recommendations to the Legislature on at least an annual basis.