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Email: Chapter 5B, Article 2, Section 3

§5B-2-3. Powers and duties of the secretary.

(a) The secretary shall enhance economic growth and development through the development of a comprehensive economic development strategy for West Virginia. “Comprehensive economic development strategy” means a plan that outlines strategies and activities designed to continue, diversify or expand the economic base of the state as a whole; create jobs; develop a highly skilled workforce; facilitate business access to capital, including venture capital; advertise and market the resources offered by the state with respect to the needs of business and industry; facilitate cooperation among local, regional and private economic development enterprises; improve infrastructure on a state, regional and community level; improve the business climate generally; and leverage funding from sources other than the state, including federal and private sources.

(b) The Department of Economic Development shall utilize, to the fullest extent practicable and efficient, existing resources of the Department of Commerce for functions necessary for the operation of the department but which functions are not directly related to the purposes of the department listed in subsection (a) of this section. The Department of Economic Development may enter into such agreements with the Department of Commerce or other agencies of this state as may be necessary or advisable to utilize existing resources of this state.

(c) The Secretary of the Department of Economic Development may designate, in writing, a list of positions within the department that shall be exempt from coverage under the state’s classified service.

(d) The Department of Economic Development shall be exempt from §5A-3-1 et seq. of this code.