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Email: Chapter 5B, Article 2, Section 4

§5B-2-4. Public-private partnerships.

The Department of Economic Development may enter into contractual or joint venture agreements with a nonprofit corporation organized pursuant to the corporate laws of the state, organized to permit qualification pursuant to section 501(c) of the Internal Revenue Code and for purposes of the economic development of West Virginia, and funded from sources other than the state. The contract shall include provisions relating to the employment of economic development representatives assigned to the Department of Economic Development to be paid a base salary by the state and performance-based economic incentives from private funds of the nonprofit corporation. Provisions relating to hiring practices with respect to economic development representatives, job descriptions, accountability, public-private liaison, and performance standards may be the subject of contract negotiations. The contract may include provisions for continuing education and certification in the field of economic or industrial development for persons employed as economic development representatives. Agreements providing for the payment of performance-based incentives to the secretary are authorized. Agreements providing for the payment of travel and other expenses of or to the secretary or of or to economic development representatives from private funds by the nonprofit corporation are authorized. The prohibitions of §6B-2-5 (b) and §6B-2-5 (d) of this code are not applicable to the receipt by economic development representatives or by the secretary of performance-based incentives and other payments made by the nonprofit corporation and specifically authorized pursuant to this section.

From time to time the secretary may enter into joint ventures wherein the department and the nonprofit corporation share in the development and funding of economic development programs.

All contracts and joint venture agreements must be approved by the secretary. Contracts entered into pursuant to this section for longer than one fiscal year shall contain, in substance, a provision that the contract shall be considered cancelled without further obligation on the part of the state if the State Legislature or, where appropriate, the federal government, shall fail to appropriate sufficient funds therefor or shall act to impair the contract or cause it to be cancelled.