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Email: Chapter 5B, Article 2A, Section 8

§5B-2A-8. Determining and developing needed community assets.

(a) The office shall determine the community assets that may be developed by the community, county, or region to foster its viability when surface mining operations are completed.

(b) Community assets to be identified pursuant to subsection (a) of this section may include the following:

(1) Water and wastewater services;

(2) Developable land for housing, commercial development, or other community purposes;

(3) Recreation facilities and opportunities; and

(4) Education facilities and opportunities.

(c) In determining the nature and extent of the needed community assets, the office shall consider at least the following:

(1) An evaluation of the future of the community once mining operations are completed;

(2) The prospects for the long-term viability of any asset developed under this section;

(3) The desirability of foregoing some or all of the asset development required by this section in lieu of the requirements of §5B-2A-9 of this code; and

(4) The extent to which the community, local, state, or the federal government may participate in the development of assets the community needs to assure its viability.