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Email: Chapter 5B, Article 2C, Section 5

§5B-2C-5. Fellows of the academy of science and technology.

(a) In order to address the specific opportunities and needs of any particular field of science and technology, the council may establish working groups composed of a member or members of the council with expertise in that field or discipline and additional individuals, to be known as fellows of the academy of science and technology. Any working group so created may conduct business, research and meetings by telephone, electronic mail or in person and shall not require a quorum to conduct its business. The committee or working group shall submit a report or reports of its findings and recommendations to the council for incorporation in policy recommendations and the annual report of the academy.

(b) Selection of a fellow of the academy will be made on the basis of the designated individual's experience and expertise in the field to be addressed by the working group and must be by a majority vote of the council. The term of a fellow of the academy is one year and a term may be renewed by the council as needed.