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Email: Chapter 5B, Article 2O, Section 4

§5B-2O-4. Designation of sites suitable for coal electric generation projects.

(a) Following identification of economically viable sites that may be suitable for coal electric generation projects, the Department of Economic Development shall identify and designate each site it has determined to be suitable for coal electric generation projects as a "Designated Site," and shall communicate the Designated Sites to the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection’s Division of Air Quality and the West Virginia Public Service Commission as sites suitable for the construction and operation of coal electric generation projects.

(b) Any application for a siting certificate pursuant to §24-2-11c of the West Virginia Code filed with the Public Service Commission for development of a coal electric generation project at a Designated Site shall be adjudicated, inclusive of public hearings, and a final order issued by the Public Service Commission, within 270 calendar days after the date of the filing of the application, notwithstanding the requirements of any other provision of this code.

(c) Nothing in this section is intended to preclude, modify, or establish new Public Service Commission jurisdiction over:

(1) Any exercise of powers, duties, and obligations pursuant to the West Virginia Public Energy Authority Act; and

(2) The right of end-user consumers of electricity to develop, invest in, or otherwise contract for on-site electric self-generation or cogeneration facilities, including those utilizing coal as a fuel source.

(3) This section does not alter, modify and/or cancel any existing cogeneration tariffs authorized by the Public Service Commission.

(4) This section does not authorize the sale of electricity to end-users in the state.

(d) Where a designated site has been identified, in accordance with §22-5-11c of this code, as a location where additional data would be helpful for modeling or other evaluation of the potential emission of a coal generation project, the Department of Economic Development shall construct such facilities as are necessary to acquire such data.