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Email: Chapter 5B, Article 3, Section 4

§5B-3-4. Commission review of procedural rules, interpretive rules and existing legislative rules.

(a) The Joint Commission on Economic Development may review any procedural rule, interpretive rule or existing legislative rule and make recommendations concerning the rules to the Legislature.

(b) The Development Office and the Tourism Commission established pursuant to article two of this chapter, the Economic Development Authority established pursuant to article fifteen, chapter thirty-one of this code, the Bureau of Employment Programs established pursuant to article four, chapter twenty-one-a of this code, the Workers' Compensation Commission established pursuant to article one, chapter twenty-three of this code, the Workforce Investment Commission established pursuant to article two-c of this chapter, West Virginia Jobs Investment Trust, regional planning and development councils, West Virginia Rural Development Council, Office of Technology and West Virginia Clearinghouse for Workforce Education shall each file a copy of its legislative rules with the Commission as provided for in this section. Each agency that proposes legislative rules in accordance to the provisions of article three, three-a or three-b, chapter twenty-nine-a of this code relating to economic development or workforce development shall file the rules with the Joint Commission at the time the rules are filed with the Secretary of State prior to the public comment period or public hearing required in said chapter.