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Email: Chapter 5G, Article 1, Section 4

§5G-1-4. Contracts for architectural and engineering services; selection process where total project costs are estimated to cost less than $250,000; division of highways procurements.

(a) In the procurement of architectural and engineering services for projects estimated to cost less than $250,000, competition shall be sought by the agency. The agency shall conduct discussions with three or more professional firms solicited on the basis of known or submitted qualifications for the assignment prior to the awarding of any contract: Provided, That if a judgment is made that special circumstances exist and that seeking competition is not practical, the agency may, with the prior approval of the director of purchasing, select a firm on the basis of previous satisfactory performance and knowledge of the agency’s facilities and needs. After selection, the agency and firm shall develop the scope of services required and negotiate a contract.

(b) The Division of Highways may procure the services of architectural and engineering firms under the provisions of this section in an amount not to exceed $750,000 for the services per project.