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Email: Chapter 6, Article 11, Section 2

§6-11-2. Period of replacement appointment.

Whenever the holder of any such public office or position enters any of the services mentioned in section one hereof and another is named to perform the duties of said person's office or position, such other person shall not be named for a period longer than the period served by the holder of such office in the aforesaid armed services of the United States. The holder of any executive office other than Governor mentioned in section 1 of article VII of the Constitution of this state shall have the right to name the person who shall perform the duties of his office, and the person so named by such executive officer shall take over and perform all the duties of the office and may exercise all the power and authority of such executive office, in any manner pertaining thereto, and shall receive the salary of such executive officer. Such person shall be known as an "acting" officer.