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Email: Chapter 6, Article 3, Section 3

§6-3-3. On death of principal, deputy to act; liability of principal's bond; removal and appointment of deputy; new or additional bond.

If any officer, having appointed a deputy or deputies, shall die during his term of office, his deputy or deputies in office at the time of his death shall continue to discharge the duties of the office in the name of the deceased principal, until his successor shall have been elected or appointed, and shall have qualified.

Any default or misfeasance in office of any deputy while so acting shall constitute a breach of the condition of the official bond of the principal, notwithstanding the death of the principal; but the personal representative of the deceased principal shall have the same right to remove any deputy from office and to appoint another that was possessed by the principal while living.

The sureties on the bond of any deceased principal, or any of them, may require a new or additional bond to be given by the personal representative of such deceased principal, in the same manner and with like effect as if such new or additional bond had been required to be given by such principal in his lifetime; and all the provisions of this chapter in relation to such new or additional bond shall be applicable to proceedings under this section.